Millwork Commons: Revitalizing North Downtown Omaha

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Redefining urban living and business.

Millwork Commons is a dynamic neighborhood in North Downtown Omaha that seamlessly blends historic charm with modern innovation. Spanning approximately 50 acres at 13th and Nicholas Street, this revitalized area has transformed from an industrial district into a vibrant community hub. The project is a mix of historic renovation and new construction, creating an environment that supports the work of innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

This revitalization is not only boosting the local economy but also enhancing the quality of life and increasing property values in the surrounding areas.

The Ashton: A Hub of Activity

At the heart of Millwork Commons is the Ashton Building, a historic structure that has been meticulously restored to serve as a central gathering place. The Ashton houses a variety of businesses, including tech firms, creative agencies, and a range of eateries and shops. The building's renovation has preserved its industrial roots while providing modern amenities that attract both locals and visitors.

Restaurants in Millwork Commons

Millwork Commons is home to some of the hottest restaurants in the Omaha area, offering a culinary experience that perfectly complements the neighborhood's vibrant and innovative atmosphere. From coffee to baked goods, ice cream, healthy food options, and wood-fired pizza, Millwork Commons offers something for everyone.

Image Credit: Omaha Food Magazine 

Archetype Coffee

Archetype Coffee, located in the historic Ashton building, is a cornerstone of Millwork Commons. This locally-owned coffee shop is renowned for its high-quality espresso, espresso-based drinks, and in-house-made pastries.

Archetype Coffee serves as a great place to grab a coffee and as a community hub where locals gather to work, relax, and connect.

Kros Strain Draft Works

Kros Strain Draft Works is the downtown location of the popular Kros Strain Brewing. Situated just north of Downtown Omaha and near Charles Schwab Field, it has become a favorite spot for both daily visits and special events like the College World Series. Known for its craft beers, Kros Strain Draft Works offers a welcoming atmosphere for both beer enthusiasts and casual visitors.

Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop

Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop specializes in from scratch, unapologetically indulgent pastries and sweets. This boutique bakery has quickly become a beloved part of Millwork Commons, attracting locals with its delicious offerings. From cookies and cakes to seasonal treats, Sweet Magnolias provides a delightful experience for anyone with a sweet tooth .

Clean Slate Food Co.

Clean Slate Food Co. is another fantastic addition to Millwork Commons, offering healthy and flavorful meals. This eatery focuses on providing nutritious food options that do not compromise on taste. Clean Slate's commitment to quality and health makes it a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a wholesome meal in a vibrant setting.

Coneflower Creamery

Coneflower Creamery is a celebrated ice cream shop that prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients to create unique and delicious flavors. Known for its artisanal approach, Coneflower Creamery has quickly become a must-visit spot in Millwork Commons. The creamery's inventive flavors and commitment to quality have earned it a loyal following.

Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca

Dolomiti Pizzeria & Enoteca brings a taste of Northern Italy to Omaha. This pizzeria is famous for its authentic Italian pizzas, crafted with high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Located in Millwork Commons, Dolomiti offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere where diners can enjoy a slice of Italy in the heart of Omaha


Hutch, the first retail store to open in Millwork Commons, specializes in modern home furnishings. This locally-owned shop offers a curated selection of furniture and home decor items that blend style with functionality. Hutch's presence in Millwork Commons not only provides residents with high-quality home goods but also supports local artisans and designer.

These eateries and shops are more than just places to eat and shop—they are integral parts of the community that enhance the cultural and social fabric of Millwork Commons. As more businesses continue to open in this revitalized area, Millwork Commons is set to become a key destination in Omaha, driving economic growth and boosting property values

Community Impact

The transformation of Millwork Commons is a catalyst for further development along North Downtown Omaha. The introduction of these businesses and public spaces is fostering a sense of community and attracting a mix of families, young professionals, and creatives. The presence of public art, dynamic events, and green spaces, including the newly opened Millwork Park, enriches the urban experience and encourages social interactions.

"Millwork Commons offers a distinctive experience, whether you're looking for a date night spot, a quick lunch, a fun evening with friends, or a family outing for ice cream. The community here is vibrant and welcoming, making it a true gem in Omaha." ~ Bailey Quarles

Bailey Quarles of Omaha Food Magazine, who has worked closely with several of the restaurants in Millwork Commons, emphasizes the neighborhood's unique atmosphere. "Millwork Commons offers a distinctive experience, whether you're looking for a date night spot, a quick lunch, a fun evening with friends, or a family outing for ice cream. The community here is vibrant and welcoming, making it a true gem in Omaha," says Quarles​

The redevelopment of Millwork Commons is having a significant positive impact on the local economy. By attracting tech companies, startups, and creative industries, it is creating new job opportunities and stimulating economic growth.

This influx of businesses and residents is driving up demand for housing, leading to increased property values in North Downtown and the surrounding areas. The introduction of residential projects like the Dizzy Mule Apartments and Hello Apartments further exemplifies this trend.

Nebraska Realty's Expansion

Nebraska Realty recently opened its first office in North Omaha, located at 1701 N 24th St, Suite 105. This strategic move underscores the growing importance of North Omaha and North Downtown as a desirable place to live and work.

A representative from Nebraska Realty remarked, "The revitalization of Millwork Commons is a game-changer for North Downtown Omaha. It is attracting a diverse group of people and businesses, which in turn is driving up home and condo values. We are excited to be part of this dynamic community and look forward to contributing to its continued growth"​

More Than a Redevelopment Project

Millwork Commons is more than just a redevelopment project; it is a transformative force for North Downtown Omaha. By blending historic charm with modern amenities, it is creating a vibrant, inclusive community that is reshaping the urban landscape. As more businesses and residents flock to this area, the positive impact on the local economy and real estate market is undeniable. Millwork Commons is not only revitalizing a once-neglected industrial district but also setting the stage for a prosperous future in Omaha.